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Like you, we care deeply about our dog’s health!
That’s why we developed a diet designed perfectly for them

We know the frustration...
Of Facing Dozens of Dog Food Options and Not Knowing Which Is Best for Your Dog

If you’re like us, you’ve stood in the dog food aisle at your pet store overwhelmed by all the options. You Googled “best dog food”, read countless reviews, browsed the blogs but still aren’t sure what’s best. Or maybe your dog has some skin, coat, digestion or other health issues that you are concerned about may be diet-related.

At Heritage Prime, we get it.

Like you, we are passionate about feeding our dogs a diet designed to help them thrive! For the past 15 years, our team has helped hundreds of people just like you overcome not knowing what the best diet is for your dog and experience a happier dog.


To Helping You Get Rid of the Guesswork, So That You’ll Know What and How Much to Feed Your Dog. 

The process is simple:

Once you take the assessment, you’ll have taken the first step to make your dog’s coat healthier and have less shedding to clean up.

We believe the food you put in your dog bowl should be healthy, not just convenient and you deserve to trust that your dog is on a healthy balanced meal plan. Give us one month and we’ll change your dog’s life forever! We’ll even help you conveniently transition your dog to raw food so that can begin their journey to a healthier and more vibrant life!

Take the assessment so we can get started.

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