An Introduction to Raw Dog Food

What Is a Raw Diet for Dogs?  A raw diet is simply a combination of uncooked, non-processed, primarily meat based ingredients that are easily digestible by your dog and provide the most bioavailable nutrition possible. Raw food is far superior for your dog’s nutrition than cooked or processed food. Not only does cooking food destroy […]

Why Is My dog So Gassy?

No one in your house enjoys dog farts, not even your dog. Not only is your nose not happy, but your dog’s tummy is also clearly not feeling its best. If your dog is gassy and you’re wondering what you can do about it, this blog is for you. First, let’s look at the most […]

How To Satisfy Your Dog’s Desire To Chew

Our Golden Retriever Penny loves to chew. Left on her own she’ll demolish a tennis ball in minutes, reduce shoes to scraps, and devour dirty socks and dish towels in a blink. Can you relate?  All dogs love to get things with their mouths. It makes sense when you think about it, they don’t have […]

Teach Your Dog to “Leave it” and “Give it/Drop it” 

Training is simply the process of getting you and your dog to do something on a consistent basis. Most people don’t realize that whatever your dog is doing consistently is the very thing you’ve “trained” them to do (sometimes unintentionally). If you don’t like what they are doing, it’s a relatively simple process to change […]

Top 5 Trusted Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers

As you may have already experienced, not all chew toys are created equal. Finding the right chew toys for your dog can be an expensive process of trial and error. It can also pose a potential health risk if they ingest shredded materials or jagged pieces of broken plastic. Well, we’ve taken the guess work […]

How to Talk to Your Vet About a Raw Diet

No one likes the feeling of being disapproved of by an expert. The frown of a vet and a few intelligent sounding reasons why a raw diet is bad is usually sufficient to cause most dog owners to shy away from sticking with a raw diet.

Why Many Vets Don’t Like Raw Diets

It can be disconcerting to have your vet raise their eyebrows at you disapprovingly when you tell them you’re thinking of switching your dog to a raw diet. But why are so many vets reluctant to recommend a raw diet when the science so clearly backs the health benefits?

The History of Commercial Dog Food

For the majority of human history human/canine relationships have been centered primarily around work, including farming, hunting and security.

How To Feed Raw Dog Food Safely

Not all bacteria is bad. In fact, bacteria helps make the world work. Without it, all life on earth would go extinct. There are good bacteria, called “commensal”, and bad bacteria, called “pathogenic”.