Raw Feeding Guide

Thanks for choosing Heritage Prime Pet for your dog’s raw diet. 

Most dog food brands just give you a chart on the back of the bag telling you to feed a certain percentage of your dog’s body weight in food each day. Even worse, they may tell you just to give them a certain amount of cups of food every day. 

The best way to figure out the perfect amount of food your dog needs is to take our 3 minute assessment. It’s been developed by our amazing canine nutritionist and it takes into consideration all the critical components of your individual dog and recommends the right amount to keep them healthy and thriving. Take the guesswork out of feeding your dog a healthy, complete and balanced raw diet. 

Determining Your Dog's Body Conditioning Score

The Role of Exercise in Good Digestion

Getting a daily dose of exercise is a great way to help prevent GI tract disorders that can compromise your dog’s health. Regular exercise tends to promote new cell growth and blood circulation within your dog’s stomach and intestines. That in turn helps stimulate urination and regular bowel movements. This can dramatically reduce urinary tract issues as well as resolve constipation or diarrhea.

Just like with humans, when dogs exercise, their brains produce and release endorphins that make them feel happy and energetic. So it turns out that exercising together will help you both be happier and live longer!