Pick Your Perfect Subscription

Get personalized raw dog food meals delivered to your door.
Choose the box that suits you best

Every pet owner's life is different. Some live in the suburbs, some in the city. Some have big chest freezers capable of storing hundreds of pounds. Others have to fit it into their kitchen freezer with the rest of their family's food. With our 18 and 36 pound boxes you get to choose the size that works with your lifestyle.

Fill it with the food your dog will love

Once you pick the box that suits you best you get to fill it with a combination of the blends that are right for your dog. You can mix and match in whatever way you want.

Set the interval that's good for you both

Depending on your dog's daily needs, you can set the delivery for however many weeks your box size will last them. We always recommend having 4 or 5 days of food still on hand when your new box arrives. That way you'll never run out and your dog will never miss a meal.